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Zolae Clothing - December Empire of the Month

Business Social Media Handles: IG: @zolaeclothing

Industry of Business: Clothing

City/State: Charlotte, NC

What HBCU do/did you attend?: NC A&T State University

About Zolae Clothing

I started  because I wanted to show a positive outlook of life through fashion, music and art. What sets me apart from my competition is that they don’t have the vision or visuals that I’m trying to create. And also we’re creating things that you really have seen.

What is your favorite product and why?

The Zolae Mick Jagger shirt, it is gives a simplistic but serious look, also gives a fashionable stylish look

Where do you see your Empire or yourself as an entrepreneur in the next 5 years?

I see myself being global

What is the legacy that you wish to leave behind with your business?

I want to inspire the kids and youth to also be able to feel Ike they can create anything as well, I want them to be inspired through my clothing

Interesting facts or info you’d like your audience or future customers to know about you?

Website will be up very soon

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