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Trea Butter - December Empire of the Month

Business Social Media Handles: IG: @treabutter Facebook: Trea Butter

Industry of Business: Skin and Hair Care

City/State: Winston-Salem/North Carolina

About Trea Butter

Trea Butter specializes in natural skin and hair care. We offer a variety of specially handcrafted products for everyday practical use such as, natural deodorant and whipped textured Shea butters for daily moisturizing. We aim to distribute our products in the most eco friendly packaging available and affordable to our brand, that it what sets us apart from other companies. It is estimated that thirty five million Americans suffer eczema and more than eight million Americans are dealing with psoriasis. Our goal is to provide essentials to the average person looking for natural cleaners and moisturizer and also provide relief for those dealing with mild, moderate and severe cases of chronic skin conditions.

What is your favorite product and why?

The Lavémint Whipped Hair/Body Butter was the champion in a lengthy trial run and I had a great time creating it. Lavémint has always gotten great first reactions upon scent and feel.

Where do you see your Empire or yourself as an entrepreneur in the next 5 years?

I see myself and my empire still being led by God on journey with no ceiling, no cap.

What is the legacy that you wish to leave behind with your business?

You can be bigger than you ever imagine, regardless of where you come from and your circumstances.

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