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The Necessities Company - December Empire of the Month

Business Social Media Handles: @thenecessities_

Industry of Business: Retail

City/State: Charlotte, NC

About The Necessities Company

We started to spread awareness of Black made products and push buying Black first. What sets us apart from the competition is all of our prices are under $25 and we offer free door-to-door delivery in Charlotte. We are tackling high unemployment rate by purchasing products from Black businesses which in turn allows them to increase profit which in turn allows them to hire more of our people. We also are tackling circulating our dollars longer in the community.

What is your favorite product and why?

Our favorite product is True Detergent. Not only does it do what it say which is cleaning your clothes it also is caustic ingredient free, last a long time and affordable.

Where do you see your Empire or yourself as an entrepreneur in the next 5 years?

In the next 5 years we see The Necessities Company as the true Black Amazon/Black Walmart with a flourishing website and several local storefronts. We want to continue to decrease the unemployment rate by hiring our people and teaching them t be entrepreneurs from the bottom up.

What is the legacy that you wish to leave behind with your business?

We stand to be on the frontline of Black group economics in America and beyond.

Interesting facts or info you’d like your audience or future customers to know about you?

Our owner Aurora has been a community activist for over 15 years building playgrounds to starting movements with celebrities. She continues to do so by way of her entertainment company and donating a portion of the proceeds to Black organizations that are putting solutions to work.

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