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"Cardiac Cardinals" by Tyler Fisher - Empire of the Month

Business Social Media Handles: @ffisherin

Industry of Business: Education Industry

City/State: Charlotte/Durham, NC

What HBCU do/did you attend? NCCU

About Cardiac Cardinals

I wanted to inspire people to reach their goals and find their purpose. What sets me apart is my will to inspire and manifest my customer’s mindset. I am solving self-doubt, complacency, self-care, self-awareness, longevity, depression through words of inspiration and food for thought.

Where do you see your Empire or yourself as an entrepreneur in the next 5 years? I see myself as a CEO of a company, and having impacted millions through my book and non-profit.

What is the legacy that you wish to leave behind with your business? Hope, Purpose, love

Interesting facts or info you’d like your audience or future customers to know about you? I am 6 months in the business world. Won TechStars pitch competition

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